Shonah Tomkins’ beautiful handmade pendants are instantly recognisable with her signature technique of resin, fabric, paper and sustainable Tasmanian wood. Shonah began making her jewellery more than a decade ago and continues to be a creative trailblazer. What began as a hobby in 2004, creating fabric collages on wood for herself and her friends, became a passion for the then-Music teacher that evolved into a jewellery line that has stood the test of time. The collages became rectangle pendants using wood and her own screen printed fabrics. While exploring other shapes, Shonah came upon her now instantly recognisable technique. 

Shonah certainly has an eye for trends. Her skill is in being able to incorporate these while demonstrating respect for her original technique and ensuring all pieces are of high quality. Initially, Shonah drew inspiration from patterns and imagery from the Arts and Crafts movement, Art Nouveau and Art Deco. In the beginning, she focused largely on birds and flora, which gradually evolved into screen prints inspired by furniture, vintage wares and architecture from the 1800s. In recent years, Shonah has explored colour and texture in depth, experimenting with watercolour, gold leaf, copper and acrylic, to name a few. Currently she is revisiting printmaking but with fresh eyes from a textural perspective.

Shonah is stocked in shops both nationally and overseas, as well as at design events and through her website. Her latest range handmade with love in her Melbourne studio is Earth which incorporates materials inspired by nature's elements.