It all began as something we did together, a way for us to connect. I’d pack a bag and head out on the highway for a weekend in the country. A weekend back at my childhood home. Dad and I would hang out in the shed for hours. There was the rhythmic cutting of the Tasmanian I’d use for my pendants, coupled with the easy conversation, and comfortable silences. We both loved our father-daughter time. The chance for us to make special moments into memories, the kind I cherish now. Dad has passed now, but as I continue to craft my pieces, I know he’s with me. The making has always been a therapeutic process, now more so than ever.


I’m Shonah, and I’m vintage obsessed. I’ve spent countless weekends scouring Victoria’s markets for the perfect rustic pieces for my home. And my artisan jewellery line is entirely vintage inspired. I use old-world techniques heavily influenced by Art Deco and the 19th century Arts and Crafts Movement.

While my aesthetic has evolved since 2004, I’ve never been one to follow trends. Instead, I seek to create timeless, one-off pieces in a range of sustainable materials that you can enjoy throughout the seasons of your life. I’m happiest in my home studio, with my beautiful scale and fur creatures circled up under the feet. I love creating my own watercolour and ink papers, or experimenting with new techniques and mediums. 

Through the years, I’ve worked as an Art and Music teacher and have transitioned into a career as a Psychotherapist. Jewellery making began as a passion, and it continues to be an expressive art form, as well as a form of mindfulness. With sustainability and uniqueness in mind, it’s important to me to avoid mass production. That means each Shonah piece is a genuine one-off and there will never be another exactly like it.

Each time you wear it, let it transport you to a moment in time — a treasured moment with someone else, or perhaps the memory of choosing something special just for you.